The stinging sun amongst other
Waking up at Rainbow-beach, totally overheated since we didn't park our van under a shading tree, we went to the Beach to take a dip. Yes, finally you can swim in the ocean under the eagle-eyes of the Australian "Bay-watch"-team, that here always seems to dress in red and yellow clothes. No more Crocodiles, but still plenty of jelly-fish and sharks apparently. It was really nice and refreshing in the water, a great way to wake up properly after sleeping in a hot van.
The sun was cooking us medium-rare from a clear blue-sky, plenty of sunscreen needed. The waves were high and kept rolling in, non-stop, creating a strong, pulling current that wanted to drag you out into the ocean. We finally got a chance to try the body-board that came with the van. Was really fun, and quite tricky to catch a good, strong wave that would take you all the way into the beach. Waking up the child in you for sure!

The sun started to sting Andreas on his shoulders so he left the waves and body-board to me to go and apply more sunscreen and take a breather. Some of the people suddenly leapt out of the water and made their way to the rescue-teams hut, being absorbed by my task to find the perfect wave this detail passed me by. I was ripped back into reality when something suddenly grabbed my thigh. A stinging feeling went like electricity through my leg. A bluebottle jelly fish had given me a kiss and left its mark. The "Bay-watch" team provided me with a bag of ice to cool the area down and told me to get back to them if I would suffer back-pain or dizziness. Relaxing on the beach for an hour cooling my leg with the ice took away the pain and also the mark. So I guess that you still have to be on alert swimming in Australia although you have a bay-watch team to look out for you and the crocodiles not being present. The jelly-fish experience left no marks beside some lost time for body-boarding.

(By Anette)

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